Jeff Marshall is a manager with over 15 years of experience in managing projects, people, issues, and brands.

Skilled at developing strategies, plans and budgets, Jeff has executed projects to success even in the most difficult conditions.

In a marketing capacity, Jeff has increased engagement on issue advocacy campaigns by 50% by identifying and building demographic and sociographic profiles of key target groups.


•Building relationships with diverse stakeholder groups, including internal corporate departments and Board of Governors as well as external groups such as the media, advocacy groups and other companies.

•Researching and analyzing past trends to identify target markets

•Developing the strategy, building the plan, and developing a budget to reach those target markets

•Managing projects by executing the plan to deliver results on time, within budget

•Creating opportunities to build brand equity

•Strong communication skills, skilled at making presentations to large and small groups

•identifying and creatively solving problems

Jeff has taken project management training at York University’s Schulich School of Business and has studied customer research and analytics with the Canadian Marketing Association and Drs. Peter Bell and Greg Zaric, professors of management science.

Contact Jeff at jeff[at]jeffmarshall[dot]ca or visit Jeff’s LinkedIn profile page for more information.